Sweatproofing your face for summer!


Everybody sweats, that’s life, but nothing is more annoying than spending the better part of an hour beating your face for it to then slide off your face in the summer sun.

So today In honour of my latest makeup look I’m going to share with you my tips to help keep your flawless face in place throughout these hot summer days!

Step one – Where possible, avoid oil! I have oily skin so I do this daily, but come summer, dry or oily we should avoid excess oil, so if your moisturiser is oil based find a foundation that isn’t!

Step two – Prime! Invest in a good primer, matify the skin, and make sure your primer and foundation are compatible!

Step three – Stay Light. Avoid heavy, cakey foundations, its summer, you don’t want to cake your skin in so much foundation that it will literally drip off your skin….it isn’t pretty. Maybe use a BB Cream or a tinted moisturiser instead. Utilise bronzer to add a glow. Sometimes, dare I say it, less it more!

Step 4 – Limit the powder! Let’s not bake our faces in the heat, powder mixed with swear can end up looking chalky and that’s just going to exaggerate and lines on the face. Switch to cream blushers and a light dusting of setting powder.

Step 5 – Where you can, use waterproof….it’s in the name.

Step 6- Find a setting spray that works for you. Not only does it help to keep your makeup in place but it also helps to “melt” your makeup together, stopping powders looking chalky and skin looking dry. Carry a hydrating mist, a few spritzes throughout the day will keep the skin hydrated and refreshed.

Step 7- Be prepared, carry blotting sheets with you, they’re a great investment to make in the hot weather (or if you’re just oily).

In my handbag I carry a hydrating mist, a travel sized setting spray and a matifying toner spray. These little gems help keep my face stay put even throughout hot shifts at work.

Don’t be caught off guard this summer! Stay flawless.

Until the next one, Love Kiki xo



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