Primark Makeup Review-A full face for under £15

So recently I’ve seen a few people talking about how Primark have stepped up their makeup game, I’ve even seen some people say Primark’s PS Pro Foundation is a dupe of Estee Lauder’s Double wear.

Personally I haven’t tried any Primark Makeup until now, so I thought we could do a little review. How good is the makeup you can get for under £15?

I’m somewhat of a makeup snob, but slowly drugstore brands are winning me over with pretty packaging and long lasting formulas. But I was always put off of buying my makeup from a clothes store….

Anyway yesterday I purchased 5 things to do a basic full face makeup and the grand total…£14, that’s less than I usually pay for one eyeliner (damn you KVD for being my holy grail).

So I got

  • PS PRO Long wear Mineralised foundation SPF 15 in shade Ivory £5
  • PS Sculpt & Blush Kit £4
  • PS Vintage eye shadow palette £2.50
  • PS Matte Long Last Lipstick £1.50
  • PS Sultry False eyelashes £1

Let’s start with the foundation. I was pleasantly surprised with the texture of the foundation. It wasn’t as dry as I thought it was going to be. It gave a good coverage and a little went a long way. The colour match was perfect for me, but they don’t have a large range of colours so cannot cater to all skin tones. It irritatingly required a lot of work to blend it all in nicely. I wouldn’t recommend it as an all-day foundation as it began to sink into all the creases of my skin. I applied the foundation with a brush and then blended out with a beauty blender.

Next I bronzed with the Sculpt & Blush Kit. The Bronzer is very pigmented and was easily blendable, the shade was slightly too orange for my liking but it wasn’t terrible. The Highlight is a lovely colour and feels like silk, unfortunately it looks like chalk when first applied and lets off an insane amount of fallout. The glow though is BLINDING!!!!! And lastly the blush. I wear pinks and peaches but this takes pink to a whole new level. This pink I like BARBIE. It’s too bright, It’s chalky and it doesn’t blend nicely. I wouldn’t wear this as an everyday blush again.

With the eye shadow palette I used the lightest colour all over as a base. I was surprised by the pigment. Now I’m not saying these eye shadows are super pigmented and amazing but they do their job well. I then went in with an orange/brown colour in the crease. The brown colour was difficult to blend out and stuck to the skin in clumps, giving insane fallout as well. Once I finally blended this out I went in with a green, again the fallout was ridiculous but it was manageable. Last I went in with a lighter green on the lid and water line.

The Matte lipstick I chose was a deep red/brown colour which looked lovely. The lipstick smells like heaven, but I was disappointed by how it wasn’t that matte. It was easily applied but bled slightly and had no staying power. Once kiss on my boyfriend’s cheek and that colour was GONE!

To finish the whole look I applied a set of £1 lashes. They were soft and wispy and looked lovely. They were the one product that I would 100% use again.


Overall for £14 you can’t really go wrong. I wouldn’t bank on your face staying put all day at all however. The foundation slightly oxidises and cracks, the powders are slightly too chalky and messy for my taste. The lipstick wouldn’t be suitable for use unless you’re willing to spend half your day reapplying.

Over all I give Primark’s makeup range a 2.5 out of 5. It isn’t the worst I’ve ever used but you can’t expect a lot from a clothing stores makeup Line. Keep in mind if you’re thinking cheap that the foundation was £5, that’s only £1 cheaper than a NYX foundation. There’s plenty of affordable, better alternatives out there!

Thanks for reading guys, Until the next one. Love Kiki xo



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