Makeup wipes, a convenience not a necessity.

So let’s talk about something I feel strongly about. Using makeup wipes. I stopped using makeup wipes about a year and half ago and I tell you one thing, I will NEVER go back.

But why? They do exactly what they say on the tin and yes they are so convenient when you stumble home at two in the morning drunk and lusting after your bed.

Well I will tell you why. Every time I used a makeup wipe my cheeks would tingle like crazy, and being naïve I thought this was normal, oh how wrong I was. Wipes do not compare to good old fashioned cleansing my friend. So let’s look at the downsides shall we?

Makeup wipes are too rough for our skin, they require far too much pressure to remove makeup, especially around your eyes!

They don’t clean your skin thorough enough, if anything they simply smear makeup, dirt and oils around the skin more. It’s similar to cleansing your skin, without washing the cleanser off!

They encourage our laziness. Why cleanse when I have wipes beside my bed right?

The majority are loaded with alcohol, and what does alcohol do to our skin? Makes it drier than the Sahara that’s what! The alcohol essentially strips down your skins acid mantle (the acidic film on the surface of our skin) leaving our skin exposed to bacteria.

Now I’m not saying never use makeup wipes, but don’t treat them as a necessity but rather a solution to pesky mascara smudges and so on. And if you are going to use them, cleanse afterwards with something gentle. You only get one face, look after it.

I apologise for the short post today, but I’m pretty run down at the moment. Should be back to normal in no time.



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