Dry X Dehydrated

I love my job, I find it extremely rewarding helping people find their perfect skin care as well as helping people understand their skin. One thing I’ve found most people are surprised by is that their skin isn’t dry like they once thought but in fact they are dehydrated.

So what’s the difference? Well firstly dry skin is a skin type whereas dehydration is a condition, and a common one at that. Having lived in London for years after leaving the soft water of Scotland behind, my once porcelain skin suffered from dehydration due to the hard water! Curses!

Dry skin lacks oils or lipids and can appear flaky, rough and just had the general dry look around it. Dehydrated skin however can happen to any skin type. Take myself as an example, I have oily skin, but it’s severely dehydrated. Sigh.

So what does dehydration look like I hear you ask? Well dehydration can have many appearances, the most common being

  • Dullness
  • Sensitivity
  • Fine Lines
  • Fast signs of aging
  • Roughness
  • Tightness

So what causes dehydration? Dehydration is caused by a number of factors, and unfortunately even though you drink those 2 litres of water a day you could still have dehydrated skin.

Here’s a list of some main causes of dehydration

Sunshine. Yep that’s right, that thing we see once in a blue moon here in the UK. Sunshine, or more specifically UVA Rays. UVA rays are the sun’s rays that accelerate the ageing process. They increase free radicals in the cells causing irreversible skin damage. Free radicals cause damage to the skin by grabbing onto extra electrons from skins atoms when atoms are taken from molecules the damage occurs, speeding up the ageing. So my advice, sun protection EVERY DAY! Whether its sunny or snowing slap on that SPF 50 and stay young!

Ageing. Unfortunately no one can prevent ageing, unless you’re some sort of elf or something. As skin ages it no longer retains moisture the same way, this can be linked to a decrease in skins natural cell turnover. Your cell turnover slows from every 28 days up to every 40.

Hard Water. As I said I am a victim of hard water causing dehydration in the skin. Limestone removes water from the skin. My advice? Shorter showers and avoid extremely hot water, or simply don’t use water to wash your face. I know a few people who swear by this!

A/C and Central Heating. When checking people’s skin and looking for dehydration I always ask if they work in an air conditioned office, this is so I can establish if their skin is dehydrated from their environment. These conditions contribute to skins moisture retention.

So now that we’ve established the difference here’s my advice if you have dehydrated skin. Up your water intake, avoid unhealthy diets (ha!) and use the correct products for your skin type. Hydration is key.

Until the next one, Love Kiki xo



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