Pixel Art

So to create this look I used a range of different products and tools, so let’s get cracking.


  • Green concealer from the Le Maquillage professional Multi-use palette designed by Morag Ross Available at PAM Cosmetics 
  • Orange Concealer from the Le Maquillage professional Multi Use palette designed by Mandy Gold available at PAM cosmetics 
  • Foundation Estee Lauder Double Wear in colour Ivory Nude

The Pixels

  • White Pixels are Make up forever 11 Foundation Palette colour White 070
  • Pink Pixels are a mixture of imagic 12 Flash Colour Case (MUFE Dupe) in colour Fuchsia 005 and White 010

Black Lines


  • Imagic 12 flash colour case Rouge Red 017, White 010 and Fuchsia 005.

I used the Morphe 696 10 Piece Deluxe Face Brush Set With Snap Case
And Ammiy®18 Pcs Makeup Brush Set to apply. And a beauty blender to blend my base.

All I can say if trying to free hand a bunch of squares on yourself isn’t as easy as I thought it would be!

Until The Next One, Love Kiki xo _MG_8980


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